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About The Reasonable Voice


Realizing there would be an unfortunate mood swing in the country following the Clinton administration, on the eve of a new century Marcello Rollando ( founder ) accepted the advice and encouragement of many of his NYC Television and Theatre associates and began the journey from NYC to DC seeking out some of the most promising political commentators and activists – all true patriots: Americans who understand that to love America and keep it great means loving ALL Americans and being citizens of the world.  Our Mission continues to expand through developing rings of accepted responsibility.


From its inception in 2000 our research, media and writing teams have evolved The Reasonable Voice Mission into a well-tuned creative vision that encourages education and embraces the lessons of civic duty, civility and participating citizenship.


With the results of the 2004 national election, our Mission evolved further, honed by the reelection of the Bush/Cheney administration and it’s obvious shift from truth, justice and the rule of law.


When in 2008 the clear and present danger of the collaborative corruption of Wall Street and Government erupted the center of America’s Middle Class economy, TRV group matured again in qualitative and quantitative advocacy for justice for all, but especially for those who are ever marketed but rarely heard, who now need a resounding voice.


Our Mission is to provide that voice for all Americans.


About Marcello Rollando


*Successful New York City Television and Theatre career, as a Media & Performing Arts Director, Political Commentator, Public Speaker and Soap Opera Actor. 


Politics: Communications consultant and ghost writer for progressive political organizations, causes and candidates. Text/content contributor, script doctor, rewriting/editing political speeches and theatre scripts, screenplays, teleplays and other creative works; Founder and Creative Director of The Reasonable Voice.


Director: Showcase premiere of NIXON’s NIXON for Lanford Wilson at his NYC Circle Rep Theater 1993, and in 2010 directed a revival of the Russell Lee political script at The Hamner Theater, winning acclaim in 2013 for his direction of STEALING LINCOLN by Anne G'Fellers-Mason; Numerous educational videos; Acting Coach for members of the Philadelphia Opera Company and their student master classes.


Performer: NBC’s “Another World, as FRANCO while also engaged as Guest Director, Advocate/Speaker, Host/VO/Narrator, Guest Artist and Radio host. Understudy for Denis Arndt in "Pillowman", at The Studio Theater and the Cardinal/Bishop in "Richard III” at The Shakespeare Theater. Most recent stage performances at the Heritage Summer Theatre Festival: Victor Velasco in Neil Simon’s BAREFOOT in the PARK (2010), Perfumer Maraczek in SHE LOVES ME (2011) and Robert Livingston in 1776 (2012). Continues to teach Acting to Singers in both Opera and Musical Theatre.


Media: Radio News Producer/Anchor​ and Radio Host of TRV and Monticello Media’s Charlottesville This Week. Guests have included State Senators, City Managers, Political Activists & Advocates, Candidates for U. S. Congress, The Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, Monticello curator, Hip-Hop Artists and more; Video host and commentator.


Vocal Talent: principal voiceover for The Indi-film Minute and available for recording audio books.


What People are Saying About Marcello the Director


I just wanted to extend my gratitude once more for your amazing direction of Stealing Lincoln at the Red Eye Play Festival.  I don't think I had even fully realized the comic potential of all the lines.  Thank you so much for the wonderful experience.  I was blown away by the Waynesboro and Charlottesville theatre communities, and I can't wait to come back to see what more the area has to offer.  I hope our paths cross again at a future date.

-Anne G'Fellers-Mason


I didn't get to tell you how great a job you did with LINCOLN. You nailed the play, the special kind of humor, the staging. You got work from the actors (not a lot of training or experience there) that was exactly what they were capable of and exactly what the play needed. Lots of full belly laughs! Wow. 

-Peter Coy, Playwright in Residence, Hamner Theater


I always love being on Marcello Rollando's show 'The Reasonable Voice' to discuss my various film work, acting projects, and causes involving important issues. Because Marcello is an accomplished actor and artist himself, he finds that emotional and artistic connection to the topics, and makes guests to his show feel welcome and cared for. 

-Cassidy McMillan, Award-winning Filmmaker/Actress, Speaker and Advocate


What People are Saying About Marcello, The Reasonable Voice


‘…I've also noticed your poetic writing style…My husband says your style reminds him of a beatnik--in a good way.’



‘Your posts are so filled with info and drama and truth...I marvel at how you can say so much in so few, carefully chosen words. Actually, you seem to orchestrate the words. Or do you choreograph them? It's something quite special. Thank you for continuing to educate.’



We wanted to offer our sincere thanks to you for making it possible for us to actually hear in depth what Rev. C. Wade and Rev. Elisheva have been able to accomplish at UVA…How it does our hearts good to hear them tell of the many ways IHS is able to assist people in some of the most difficult moments of their lives…Thank you again for being the bearer and spreader of the news of the wonderful work of these dedicated people.
-Sally and Fletcher Askew


I have been on various of Marcello’s radio shows in the past year or so, and just wanted to send a quick note to say that I have really enjoyed the opportunity each and every time. To be able to speak about and delve into issues in more than just 2 sentence (or second) sound bytes is refreshing. So is the format of multiple radio guests getting the opportunity to present and then discuss. I hope he continues to thoughtfully interview and have discussions on the show with those who are well-versed in their fields and areas of expertise, whether the issues are intensely local, or they stand in for larger ones that we face as a nation. Issues and problems cannot be adequately addressed without informed dialogue. Marcello helps us ask the right questions and explore possible answers or solutions. It’s an excellent forum for such endeavors, and a value to the greater central Virginia community.

-Justin A. SarafinDirector of Preservation Initiatives & Engagement


Marcello Rollando and his show, The Reasonable Voice are a bright spot in this world of many media shows and outlets. He gives time to important issues, causes and projects, and through his knowledge of the political world and journalism, in addition TV, Film, Acting and the entertainment industry, he and his show offer a unique and intelligent perspective to issues, projects and causes in our society.

-Cassidy McMillan, Award-winning Filmmaker/Actress, Speaker and Advocate


As I mentioned after the last interview, I feel like I am having a conversation with you in my living room. You make it so easy to explore current events involving local government. Happy interviewing – I will be tuning in.’

-Jane Dittmar, Albemarle County Board of Supervisors


Thank you for introducing us to the great platforms of BTR and CTW—we appreciate your being an advocate of our work, and are thankful for your good work as well. The interviews turned out great; I will plan to share through our online channels.

-Dan  Freedman


Thank you for your recent commentary, “Wall Street Thinks It’s Our Father Who Art in Heaven, Howard”: the phrase ‘the lie we tell ourselves’ points to the human condition nicely. I liked the paragraph that started ‘How many times have the words….’ the most: it was stylistically intricate. You always manage to tie a number of allusions together while still making a clear point, which is no easy feat. I also liked ‘It’s cheaper to pay damages tomorrow than correct product deficiency today – ask GM.’ – I think this framed the dilemma between the environment and businesses perfectly. Again, thank you for your work: I hope your voice is heard by many.

-An Anonymous Fan


Thanks Marcello, I enjoyed every minute of [the interview] and getting to know you. I so appreciate everything you did to facilitate getting us out on the airwaves…Here's hoping we peaked someone's interest in the play…Thanks again for being so wonderful!



Your voice is oh so great... and your Ferguson piece so unfortunately "right on".



Thank you to The Reasonable Voice for excellent questions and the opportunity to spread resistance.

-Environmental Coalition at VCU via Virginia Student Environmental Coalition


It’s always a pleasure to spend time with Marcello, whether as radio guest or listener. I appreciate his commitment to quality programming, covering tough issues thoughtfully and in depth, as well as his generous interviewing style. He is, indeed, a “reasonable voice.”  

-Ashley Warner, Award Winning Author of The Year After: A Memoir


I wanted to write you a note to thank you again for having Emily, Ashley and me on your shows.  The interviews turned out wonderfully and we appreciate you helping us spread the word!  You and your team at The Reasonable Voice BlogTalkRadio helped us increase participation over last year’s 5K by 200 runners!  Thank you.

-Kristin Twiford, Communications Coordinator for Virginia Institute of Autism and 'Run for Autism 5K' 


All three [of my podcast] segments lived up to my hopes and expectations.

-George S. Bloom, Ph.D., Professor of Biology and Cell Biology, UVA



Marcello Rollando

North West Washington, DC


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