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Our Thing

Alzheimer’s Video 1

Alzheimer’s Video 2

Alzheimer’s Video 3

Alzheimer’s Video 4

The Jefferson City Center

Video Directed by Marcello Rollando 

Trailer for the Jefferson School

Deeds '11 Nomination Celebration Interview

Albemarle Jail #5 and Charlottesville History 

Senator Deeds' Reaction to VA Redistricting

For CNN: At the Jefferson School

Interviews with Tom Perriello

What Lessons My Father Taught Me

No Name Calling and No More Labels

Creatures in Motion Passing through UVA

Creatures in Motion for Charlottesville

De-coupling Us from Wall Street

Young Charlottesville Filmmaker

That's My Bed!

Creatures in Motion Chased through Streets

What Happened to Our President?

Interdisciplinary Creatures in Motion

I'm Perfectly Fine Here

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