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Elizabeth Warren Short Bio


Elizabeth Warren is a Regional Organizer for, based in Southern California. As coordinator for MoveOn's national TPP team she connects allies with a network of MoveOn councils working to educate the public about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement. The group's aim is to make sure details of proposed trade agreements get a public hearing and debate, by urging Congress to say no to the president's request for fast track, aka trade promotion authority.


Liz began her career as a journalist and came to political activism late, after stints as a newspaper columnist, magazine editor, and advertising copywriter. She did a 12-year stretch as a corporate publicist, and still has the BS decoder-ring, which comes in handy during interactions with politicians. When not organizing, she does online editing, often blogs, and still writes for magazines, occasionally about politics, but usually about other subjects.


Liz was born in New York and educated in the Midwest. In 1997 she moved to California, where she married and conveniently ended up with a memorable name.



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